Dentures are removable false teeth which can replace one, some or all of your teeth.

No-one wants to wear dentures by choice which is why we take a great deal of care to make sure our dentures don’t look like false teeth but look like real ones! We work closely with our Laboratory Technicians to make you excellent looking, comfortable dentures.

  • we use high impact acrylic
  • we take care over your gum aesthetics
  • we use natural looking teeth
  • we can make acrylic or metal baseplates


We also make Valplast flexible dentures. These partial dentures are;

  • comfortable
  • lightweight, flexible and strong
  • highly aesthetic, made from translucent nylon to blend in with your natural gum tissues
  • are metal free so no visible metal clasps are present


For more information go to Valplast Dentures